About me

I’m a linguist with an MA and a PhD in Sociolinguistics from the University of Essex. I’m interested in the study of language variation and change and fascinated with language ideologies, attitudes and myths (click here for my most recent work in this area). I am also a trained English language teacher and a teacher trainer. I am currently working on developing a project that will examine Greek Cypriot EFL teachers’ skills in and attitudes towards materials development and adaptation. Finally, I’m also interested in language contact phenomena such as translanguaging, codeswitching and borrowing which was the topic of my PhD thesis.

I love teaching; my students are a source of energy and motivation and one of the reasons why I constantly work towards improving my teaching skills. I’ve had the privilege to teach at a number of universities both in Cyprus (University of Cyprus, European University Cyprus, University of Nicosia, UCLan Cyprus) and the UK (University of Essex and Royal Holloway University of London).

When I don’t teach, I conduct research and do all those administrative tasks that we academics dread. If time allows, I travel, take pictures of the world, and every now and then read a book that is not about linguistics.

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